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If you can dream it, you can do it

Walt Disney

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My Story

I was born in Athens, from my mother originally from Crete, but grew up in Crete as a teenager and became interested in and observing my diet as well as what we eat, whether it is savory or sweet.

Growing up and having already gotten married, I just finished high school and started working. I continued to work on healthy eating and nutrition for different peoples, collecting recipes from all over the world, either from my travels or from personal acquaintances or other sources.

After all these adventures and with the start of the internet I started my own blog as well as writing and publishing my own books while studying and I don't forget to do what I did from a young age, travel the world, and study his cuisines.

Twelve years later I have written 10 books in various languages ​​and I have my own site where I present my books as well as places that are worth visiting or gastronomic suggestions or even recipes.

Therefore, I am now able to tastefully educate people in our healthy Cretan - Greek products through their own culinary culture so as to increase their purchasing power on supermarket shelves and consequently exports to similar countries with similar benefits, n our country and in our country where for over 30 years I have been writing recipes where of course they are all tried before they are published.

The way I present our local products are different but this has to do with the export of our products to other countries not so accessible by other peoples, and not so much with the internal consumption and the traditional way of promoting our local products.

I've gotten to the point where one of my books was nominated for the best book in the world for the twist and fusion it brings to Chinese food culture for 2019 at the Gourmand Awards something like Oscar Awards but for cooking books.

Gourmet Food Lovers started as a Blogspot on Christmas Day in 2008, as soon as the internet started to exist widely, which was like a way to come and keep in touch with my friends and now, later it has become an online source for new and my old friends.

Through my site, I am addressing the ordinary reader, while with my books I am addressing the restaurant art professional, chef who is interested in new recipes, and generally all professionals who are going to open or already have a restaurant, fast food, catering, wedding halls, etc.

With my books, I help the restaurant art professional to use a branded menu in Greece and abroad as they are written in different languages.

Through my books I promote Cretan products through recipes from other countries, in this way I tastefully train the peoples of other countries in our local products, so that they become essential in their daily diet resulting in their daily use, resulting in their demand from the shelves of supermarkets, resulting in increased exports and consequently the inflow of "hot" money into the local market, resulting in an increase in the living standards of the place and consequently of our own country.


my advice

{ to give and give

with your heart,

nevertheless, take

your mind together...}



My career in mass media and my training have helped me a lot to be able to promote a product. So I, too, want to help local producers and exporters increase their sales in foreign markets, increasing the demand for their products, through the delicious education of peoples in our local products, penetration from the basics of their culture. of people, of taste.

My travels have helped me a lot in this endeavor and so far I have traveled enough I think to have this experience.


I love reading emails from you and interacting on the blog's Facebook page. You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram, so be sure to drop me a line! If you want also to write in my blog about your enterprise do not hesitate to contact me.


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